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Night of the Long Knives | Assignment Writing Service

When the American Stock Market crashed in October 1929 Germany took a massive toll. Germany already had borrowed money from the United States Banks to pay for reparations from World War 1. Now those banks wanted their money back. Germany was in turmoil, many were forced to sell their own homes and unemployment was creeping over Germany.

Hitler saw this as a perfect opportunity to gain influence over the despaired people. He blamed the Jewish and Communist traitors for the German economic instability and promised to restructure the German military and provide new jobs for those who needed them. He won over the military with his promises of a better military and won over the people with his promise of a better structured government.

The German President Paul von Hindenberg chose Hitler as the new chancellor of Germany. Hitler had deceived the whole German Republic. For he was planning on overthrowing it despite all of his promises that got him to where he was now.

The Nazis set fire to the Reichstag, which was the parliament of Berlin and Hitler framed over 4,000 enemies for this act of treason. Hitler then convinced the President to sign the Enabling Act, which placed all power in Hitler’s hands and the Nazi regime. The Act was to protect the people and Germany. Hitler planned on doing the opposite. Hitler now had the legal ability to kill politically enemies, control propaganda. Hitler planned an attack on all the remaining powers of Germany to make his rise to the top eminent, it was called Operation Hummingbird. Also known as Night of the Long Knives.

During the Night of the Long Knives, 85 people were killed for their political stances. Many of them were in the SA which was the Nazi paramilitary organization, who angered Hitler in the past. Hitler was threatened by corruption even though he had all the power of Nazi Germany. The Night of the Long Knives also gained Hitler control of the army.

On June 29th, 1934, Hitler’s evil scheme was put into effect. Hitler’s personal bodyguard the SS, were given very specific orders to sneak up on the SA leaders and generals, Hitler’s opposition, who were staying at a hotel called the Bad Weisse. The SS were to kidnap the SA leaders and bring them to the Nazi Headquarters where they were to be killed. The SS took the SA by surprise and successful threw the unsuspecting leaders into vehicles and drove off to the Nazi Headquarters. Once at Headquarters Hitler commanded the SS to mow them down with guns and that is what they did.

Many people questioned Hitler’s actions and were astounded by such cruelty. The army on the other hand praised Hitler for his heroism and the President of Germany even sent a telegram recognizing this great deed that Hitler had done. Hitler exclaimed to the German people that he did not commit these horrible actions for himself, he instead told the people that it was for them, and for the good of Germany. Hitler made it seem like he himself was doing a heroic action that no one else would ever do, and that it was completely necessary. Hitler always had a disagreement with the SA leaders, especially SA leader Ernest Rohm, who thought that the SA was a vital part of the Nazi Party. Added to Hitler’s dislike there many leaders in the SS who had dislikes for Rohm and just made the Night of the Long Knives more justifiable. Many of the SS leaders convinced Hitler that Rohm was planning a second revolution against Hitler. Hitler of course did not want to take any chances at having even the slightest uprising against him. Hitler even gave Rohm the option of shooting himself, but Rohm was too proud of what he did to do that and the SS did the deed instead.

The final event that rose Hitler to power was the death of German President Hindenberg. Hitler now, with the German army and his SS, was able to fuse the role as chancellor with the role as President and became the dictator of Germany with no one to stop him.

The leader of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, and not only that but he was also head of the police force, any act of opposition against the Nazi’s would be considered treason, and there didn’t even need to be evidence of it. There was never investigations of any crimes by the Nazi Party which quickly converted Germany to become Nazified because most were afraid for their own lives if they did not concur with Hitler’s ways.

Hitler then came up with the idea of concentration camps for all of his opposition, Jews, Communists and all others for who he considered to be a nuisance to Nazi Germany. The people in these camps faced harsh conditions with little food, and very hard abuse from the SS, who were running the camps.

The Night of the Long was the spark that set off the complete Nazification of Germany. The SS tore apart the fabric of the society that was Germany. The churches were torn apart, priests arrested, many were immediately placed in concentration camps. Hitler set up a Nazi oriented church system where kids would go Nazi Youth groups. Boys were taught to accept Nazi rule and competed in physical challenges to embrace the glory of being a Nazi. Women were taught to do chores while men were working.

In 1933 Jews were exiled from Nazi Germany. They were disbanded from society, leaving them jobless. Hitler implemented the Nuremburg laws in 1935 which took away Jewish citizenship and Jews were simply persecuted by the Nazis, they robbed thousands of Jewish shops tens of thousands were arrested without cause.

In the big picture of things the people of Germany were able to go on with their lives without much notice of change. The only ones who really had anything to worry about was the Nazi German opposition, who sadly either was killed or put into concentration camps. Although there would be spurs of Nazis who would abuse their powers and kill innocents of wrongdoing. Such as the Night of the Long Knives but in the end there was nothing that the Germans could do. Most of them felt better about Germany as a country because Hitler seemed to really care about rebuilding Germany and making it better, reestablishing glory to it especially after the embarrassment of the Treaty of Versailles, which Germany was still paying reparations for. Of course Hitler was only doing these things because he wanted to show is power, and to become a world dictator, but it was not too bad for the Germans who were living there as long as they kept their noses down.

The Night of the Long Knives was one of Hitler’s greatest accomplishments and was a huge establishment of a new form of Government. Hitler was established the ruler of the German people and there was no one and nothing that could take away the power he had, he was officially and legally above the law. Despite all of the horrors that Hitler had committed hardly anyone would turn their back on him, he was too powerful to argue with, despite some who did argue, who were immediately arrested or put into concentration camps for their treason. The killing of Rohm and the 400 followers of his was the start and the clear message of what life would be like for the Nazi German people. This is the way Hitler would convert Germany into the Nazi Germany dictatorship that he wanted to have complete and utter control over.

Hitler’s power and influence eventually got the best of him when he was at war with the Americans and the Soviet Union and it came to the point where he committed suicide by cyanide. Hitler is now one of the most renown dictators in the history of the world. He conquered the odds, lied, cheated, committed all evils possible to get to where he wanted to be. He was a complete success and millions of lives were taken by his word, he killed 400 men in the Knight of the Long Knives, and that was just the beginning. It led to the Nuremberg trials which Jews were killed for their treason to their country despite their innocence. Concentration camps were implemented and Germany became Anti-Jew, Anti-Communist, and they were executed and taken away from public office and jobs were taken. Hitler eliminated the SA at all costs, eliminated all possible opposition and made the people of Germany fear him. With fear Hitler was able to conquer Germany and make himself the one and only ruler of Germany. There was nothing that could stop him, nobody that could stop, he started out with hardly anything and rose to the top. With the German President’s death, it was imminent that he would use his power as Chancellor, and with all of the praise the President have given him, he was able to convince the German people, with of course the help of the German army, who pledged their loyalty to him, to accept him as their leader and dictator. The Germans were afraid and would not go against him and Hitler successfully became the complete dictator of Germany.

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Source: Night of the Long Knives | Assignment Writing Service

Because I Could Not Stop for Death Essay | Assignment Writing Service

Death is usually unwelcomed throughout literature, but in this poem, Death is personified as a patient gentlemen. Death is a polite man who surprises the speaker with his visit. The lines “Because I could not stop for Death / He kindly stopped for me; (1-2)” describes the relationship between the two characters as very intimate. Because the speaker could not stop for death, she did not have the choice to choose when she wanted to die. This line reveals the obvious; humans do not have the option to choose when they want to die. The speaker lives a busy life, as she is unable to stop for Death, so instead, Death arrives to her home to take the speaker out for a carriage ride. But, the speaker and Death are accompanied by Immortality during the carriage ride. Death is personified throughout the poem as a metaphor to convey what death is truly like. The portrayal of death in this poem is comforting and almost acts like a companion. Death is usually portrayed in a negative way, but in Dickinson’s poem, Death is introduced as a comforting and polite man. By portraying Death as a positive character, Dickinson is straying from the norms of literature. She is depicting death as a part of life, which is ironic because death is the ending of life. Death can be grim and frightening, but Dickinson is sweetening death by portraying death as a kind and gentle man.

Death drives the carriage slowly, maybe in an act of consideration. The carriage acts as a metaphor for the vessel that will lead the speaker to death. The voyage is pleasant, and Dickinson illustrates the road to eternity as a pleasant trip. Death “slowly drove” the carriage, which signifies the death described in the poem as a slow death. The speaker states “The carriage held but just ourselves / And Immortality (3-4),” and by saying “ourselves,” Dickinson magnifies the relationship between the speaker and Death. But the complicated part of the line is Dickinson’s use of the word “immortality.” The speaker is riding in the carriage with Death, so the reader would assume that Dickinson meant to write “mortality.” The use of “immortality” in the line may hint that the speaker does not think of death as the end of life, but instead the road to eternity, which is again hinted later on in the last line of the poem.

The character Death was not in a hurry, which is revealed when the speaker says, “We slowly drove, he knew no haste (5).” This may again hint that the death described in the poem is not a quick one. Dickinson shifts from “we” to “he” in line five. The use of “we” in the line may hint that the speaker believes she may have some control over the speed of the carriage, but the switch to “he” reminds the reader that Death has full control over the pace. The character Death is determining the speed of the speakers death since the pace of the carriage ride is symbolizing the pace of the speakers death. It can be inferred that the speaker is not necessarily afraid of death; the slow pace of the carriage creates a suspenseful wondering in the poem. The speaker states she “had put away her labor, and her leisure too / For his civility (7-8).” The speaker gave up her leisure and joy because of the politeness and comfort of Death. It can also be interpreted that the speaker gave up her leisure in exchange for Death’s consideration and politeness. The speaker has given up her joy for Death, and the speaker seems to have become almost infatuated with him.

Death and the speaker pass by a school where children are playing, and the youth of the children contradicts death. Death is associated with coldness, and the sunset described in the poem describes the coldness of death. As the sun sets, the warmth of the sun is gone, thus symbolizing the coldness of death. The sunset symbolizes the end of the day, and also the end of life. But the passing of the school children is also an ordinary act, and this may portray death as something ordinary and a part of life. The repetition of “we passed” in lines eleven and twelve, also known as an anaphora, imitated the slow pace of the carriage. Instead of being an observer, the speaker can be apart of the journey due to the slow paced progression of the journey.

The speaker and Death now arrive at a house. But the house is not just an ordinary house, it is the burial spot for the speaker. Death has lead the speaker to a house that is just a small rise in the ground and is barely visible. The house is underground and is a metaphor for a grave. Instead of feeling uneasy after arriving at her grave, the speaker is calm and at ease as the speaker feels comfortable with Death. The speaker and Death “paused before a house, (13)” which is the second pause in the poem, the first being when Death stopped for the speaker. This can help conclude that the second pause is the end of the journey. Instead of blatantly telling the reader that the speaker arrived to her grave, Dickinson describes the speakers grave as a home, something that is very comforting and freedom.

The last stanza of the poem reveals that this journey happened centuries ago. The point of view of the poem is given through a flashback. Thus, the speaker has been dead throughout the poem. The speaker says the memory “Feels shorter than the day (18),” which means the memory is still vivid. The horses in the last two lines symbolize the speaker’s journey to death, and also her journey into eternity. The horses’ heads act as an extension of the carriage. The heads of the horses are narrow and angled, almost like an arrow that is piercing through the boundary that is blocking life from death.

Dickinson illustrates death as something not far away from the ordinary. The speaker is not afraid of death and accepts it as a part of life. Through the use of poetic devices such as personification and metaphors, the author is able to convey the acceptance of death in the poem. Death is personified as a kind and gentle man. Every image in the poem ties back to the main idea; they are all images of death. The poem focuses on the life that is being left behind of the speaker and seeks to experience death that is to come. Dickinson uses the images of mortality, immortality, and eternity in order to illustrate death.


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Source: Because I Could Not Stop for Death Essay | Assignment Writing Service

Film Review of To Kill a Mockingbird | Assignment Writing Service

Morals are the principles of knowing the distinction between what is good and what is evil, what is right and wrong. Morals are the ability to have compassion and sympathy for someone else and their circumstances within their life and understand that it’s a necessity. Dalai Lama said it best when he states, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” In the film, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee’s main character, lawyer Atticus Finch, shows morality by exhibiting it through his overwhelming amount of compassion and sympathy throughout the film. However, he instills it most into his children.

Its within the wisdom of Mr. Finch’s ability to have patients and compassion to teach his own daughter, Scout, that she too must feel sympathy for those less fortunate and “you will never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view,” (Lee, 1960). It’s during this scene in which Scout finds solace upon the front porch swing after getting scolded at dinner that Atticus tries to get her to understand that you will never understand what someone else is going through unless you place yours into their position. Atticus states, “Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it,” (Lee, 1960), which is a quote that we have modified in today’s society but is understood with the same comprehension. With the high-key lighting within the scene that provide minimum shadows upon Atticus and Scout, to the normal focus of the lens that is angled up from the view of the porch floor, you feel like you part of the conversation in which she is not just learning how to have morals, but also learning how to compromise, not with just school but with life in general. According to Rachel Watson, “The porch functions as a location with which viewer’s associate safety, solutions borne from compromise and the moral lesson of sympathetic point of view.”

Ethics is the moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. Thomas A. Edison stated, “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.” I believe this quote fits the scene in which Atticus is guarding over Tom Robinson, his Africa-American client who is waiting for his trial based on the accusation of raping a white woman, when a lynch mob approaches. Atticus believes it’s his ethical duty to do what is in the best interest of his client, and that means protecting him against the lynch mob. He is peacefully guarding Robinson when his kids visit spy him through the pushes, then he is in a verbal confrontation with the lynch mob when his children can’t see him and with worry of “I can’t see Atticus,” flees into the mob until they reach their father. It’s during this time frame that Scout talks about Mr. Cunningham’s lack of social-economic stature that the lynch mob comes to their own moral and ethical understanding that they won’t injure Tom Robbins due to the presence of the children.

With the starting of the scene in a distance view from the point-of-view from the children hiding in the bushes along the road, with only a high-key light shining upon Atticus, it shows him seated and reading, with the lamp which lights the porch of the jail. It’s the roar of the cars of the lynch mob that lurk from the shadows of the streets into the light, which is projected from the streetlamp above the jail, to the lamp on the porch shining upon the guns in which they carry and insist on seeing Robinson. The director uses the point-of-view of both Atticus and the lynch mob instead of panning to assist the views with the idea that they are part of the scene, to include having a head-on angle framing from the view of the mob that shows shoulders of the lynch mob. It’s the camera tracking when the children run through the lynch mob that assists the audience with the ability of being in the position of the children, pondering what is going on and why the confrontation. It’s the natural lighting of the moon that places the cars into view from down the road to the lamp above the jail that provides the high-key lighting elements that connects us to each main character.

The elements of the mise-en-scene within ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ provide the capture of how society was seen in the 1930’s. It’s the old-fashioned black-and-white film that doesn’t have much lighting that showcases the vulnerability of Scout’s building of moral ethics to Atticus’ high ethical values that come across with his ability to protect his client while facing a lynch mob. It’s the costumes of each character identifying them to the economic standing within society: Atticus’ business suit that shows that he is organized to the lynch mobs overalls, t-shirts and jeans (farmer’s clothes), to Scout’s dresses that are slightly covered in dirt because of her tomboy ways. It’s the significance of the porch providing comfort to Scout when she is swinging on the porch seat to the porch outside of the jail that provides security to Atticus and Tom Robinson when the lynch mob approaches. The zoom of the camera lens to show the reactions of Scout’s understand of compromise to Walter’s reaction to Scout’s acknowledgment when he is in the lynch mob, and particularly, divulging the information of him dropping of goods to her house. It’s these techniques of the movie that was made in 1962 that didn’t subtract from the messages that were being conveyed throughout an amazing film about morals and ethics being built within a society that was still struggling with prejudice and injustice


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Source: Film Review of To Kill a Mockingbird | Assignment Writing Service