Ecology and Indigenous Australian Culture

The appropriation of Aboriginal cultural property for these purposes is filtered through a range of ideologies, theories and faiths. I think that Rolls was proposing that Aboriginal needs to be re-integrated with other cultures. The fact that the Aboriginal have their own unique cultural practices which does not conform to the standards of the 21st centuries, Rolls was proposing that they need to abandon their culture and reintegrate with the culture of the west (Rolls, 2009). The idea of re-integration of the Aboriginal is viewed from various angles/perspectives like ideologies, theories and faiths. Rolls noted that each and every aspect of the cultural practices of the Aboriginal life such as childrearing, family structure, burial practices and marriage among others is very different hence the need for its transformation and which will ensure that it conforms to the ideals and practices of the west (Rolls, 2009). In summary, Rolls was saying that the Aboriginal cultural practices is outdated hence it needs to be “upgraded”. The dangers of cultural re-integration is that it would impossible for the future generation to trace their roots and understand their cultural history. The other dangers is that it would lead to cultural conflict more so for […]

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Personal Reflection From The Group Work

The collaborative decision-making situation was experienced severally within our group when each individual in the group was required to make choices from various options. The decisions that were arrived by the group was not attributable to each group member. Our group was comprised of four members and who included yanghong, shanbing, xinyue and albazie. The various decisions that we arrived at as a group was as a result of concerted effort by each group member. Owing to the concerted efforts by each group, the decisions that we arrived at were much better when compared to what would have been arrived at an individual level.

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Network Management | Assignment Writing Service

In the current 21st century, literally all businesses are relying on technology to perform all their functions. Technology has played a vital role in the success of many businesses through ensuring they are effective and reduce operational cost. All organizations do maintain sensitive personal information about their clients and employees within their networks such as names, Social Security numbers, credit card and other account data which identifies clients or staffs (Lace, 2015). As a result, exposing them to the issue of hacking.

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Green Computing | Assignment Writing Service

Green computing or green IT, entails environmentally sustainable computing. According to an article that was published by San Murugesan (Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices), the author defined the field of green computing as “the study and practices of modeling, producing, using, and discarding of computers, servers, and related subsystems—like monitors, printer, storage devices, and networking and communications systems-efficiently and effectively with minimal or no effect on the environment (Murugesan, 2008, p, 29)

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An Anthropological View Of War And How It Has Evolved Over Time | Assignment Writing Service


Wars are as old as mankind and which have and have continued to be experienced in various parts of world. There exists various reasons why nations some of which might be brought about by internal or external affairs. The aspect of war has undergone numerous changes and which can be attributed to technology which has shaped how war is fought in the 21st century. This paper will analyze why do Nations go to War by Stoessinger and role of technology is shaping how war is fought.

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Evaluate Team Member Effectiveness | Assignment Writing Service

The outcome from the “Evaluate Team Member Effectiveness” self-analysis revolved around primary traits: Contribution to the team work, interaction among team members, keeping the team on track, expecting quality & having relevant information, skills, and abilities (KSA’s).

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Impact that Online Marketing has had on Adventure Tourism | Assignment Writing Service

Adventure tourism has been defined to be a niche tourism which involves the exploration or traveling to remote regions, whereby the adventure seekers should expect the unexpected. Adventure tourism has been growing rapidly among tourists who are seeking unusual holidays which vary from the usual beach vacation.

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