The Discoverable Life of Wilhelm Roentgen

Abstract One of the greatest inventions in the last two hundred years is the discovery of the x-ray. The invention has application in diverse fields that range from medicine, astronomy, metallurgy, research, and others. This custom paper assignment  explores the life of the inventor of X-Ray and its application. Early life and career Wilhelm Roentgen was a German scientist and inventor known for discovering the X-Ray. He went to school in the Netherlands but did not complete his secondary school education following expulsion on shaky grounds. However, even without a high school education, he attended the University of Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich. He eventually earned a PhD in mechanical engineering and started his academic career at the University of Strassburg. He served as the chairperson of the physics departments in various universities, as he worked as a professor. At the height of his career, the planned to emigrate to the United States, but that did not happen because of the outbreak of the First World War. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the x-ray when he was experimenting with the external effects of different vacuum tubes when an electrical discharge passes through them. He was experimenting with a glass gas built Crookes […]

Source: The Discoverable Life of Wilhelm Roentgen


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